Vincent Noir was born in 1994 in Besançon (France). After his graduation from the
Fine Arts Institut of Besancon (ISBA) where he studyed sculpture he moved to Paris to continue his Masters education in ENS AAMA Olivier de Serres, where he obtained his Master degree in textile design and innovation. He specialized himself in the unform design and textile conception between collectible design and art.

     He worked as an intern in Paris in the eponyme brand Marianna Ladreyt and lived in 2018-2019 in Milan (italy) where he worked next to the Italian painter Andrea Martinucci as his studio assistant. He participated and assisted the project “ROPE” (financed and supported by the European Union) of the belgium artist Ief Spincemaille in Florence (Italy) in 2017. Collaborated with several european artists and designers and co-worked in art workshops. Attracted from the sound, Vincent Noir is a songwriter and singer under the stage name “Cold Widow”. He lives and works in Paris (France).


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